Tenacity Entertainment, LLC and Tenacity Pictures, LLC were founded by Lloyd Bryan Adams -Molander, and creatively headed by producing partner Mike Dorsey, in 2002. Mike and Lloyd started their collaboration by producing several 35mm short films, and then progressed to feature films. As a team, Mike and Lloyd ran programming and production for Ripe TV, Havoc Television and Outdoor Channel, as well as several shows and specials for Fuel TV.

Prior to founding Tenacity, Lloyd had over a decade of executive experience in television as a Co-founder of Extreme Sports Channel, running the US office as COO and Executive Producer, where his efforts lead in part to the launch of EX TV on Fox Sports Net and Fuel TV. Fast-forward to today and Tenacity is an Independent Executive Production houses dedicated to providing outstanding entertainment to world-wide audiences.

With hundreds-of-hours of television programming produced for networks spanning the globe, Tenacity Entertainment is focused on television and successful channel building. Tenacity Pictures is focused on Feature Films and Documentaries. Combined, Tenacity Entertainment and Tenacity Pictures possess all of the tools, contacts and talent to make any film or television production successful. Channel Partners include, or have included: Extreme Sports Channel, Fuel TV, FUSE, Refused TV, Havoc Television, Fusion Entertainment, Ripe TV, ESPN, Fox Sports Net, Outdoor Channel, and ABC, NBC and CBS. Our feature film and documentary arm (Tenacity Pictures) is affiliated with the top distributors world-wide and our producers attend the top markets to assure our films receive the proper attention they deserve.

How Lloyd got into the Entertainment Business:

Lloyd spent his early years in Burbank, California, where he was surrounded by entertainment and entertainers. He started by producing back yard puppet shows when he 5 years old: “I never performed, I just organized the neighbor kids and collected the money.” Later, the kids revolted due to a labor dispute regarding their back end participation deal. Early on, Lloyd learned that he needed more legal training.

When he was a little older, his family moved to Laguna Beach, California, and that’s where his love for entertainment met action sports. Adams had a dedicated commitment to action sports and the lifestyle from his earliest memories. Lloyd’s commitment can be summed up by this one simple account of his mother, she stated:

“I remember having to chastise Lloyd after reading my water bill only to learn that Lloyd emptied our pool of 23,000 gallons of water. He said he was bored and wanted to skate with his friends.” As a teenager, his passion for Surf, Skate, Snow and Dirt Jumping left him brushed, broken and battered. His mother accounts, “He would come in the house after a day of skateboarding and just leave trails of blood – with a smile on his face, he would head to the medicine cabinet for some Bactine and band aids, patch himself up and shoot another hill or skate a pool; there are lot of hills and pools in Laguna; I think he has tried every hill.”

Lloyd’s father, Glenn Molander, and youngest brother Leif, lived in Hawaii, another playground for Lloyd’s action sports imagination: giant surf, cliff jumping, etc. – it was all fair game.

Even now, with decades of experience as a veteran television and film producer and entertainment executive, Lloyd still has the heart, imagination and enthusiasm of the bruised and battered 14-year-old, staring wide-eyed at the top of a steep Laguna hill; but the focus now is centered on balancing work and play. “You have to do what you love, and I’ve been extremely fortunate and blessed to parlay my academic and real life experiences into my ventures; I am passionate and tenacious about life,” says Lloyd. “Let the timid stay home” is his mantra. “You can’t be afraid to fail, you need to try and try again to succeed and surround yourself with great people; I have great people around me; the best friends and colleagues you could ask for and that is what makes it fun, exciting and helps mitigate risk”.

Lloyd has one daughter, Lauren Brooke Adams, who attends SMU, and a Frenchie named Morty, who went to Petco Obediance (most improved).

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