Tenacity helps its Film and TV partners with all aspects of their project from inception to distribution. One of Tenacity’s strengths is serving in the role of Business / Legal Affairs and Investor Relations for its Film and TV partners. From creating the initial LLC, to producing investor documents, keeping investors informed to getting crews, talent, writers, editors signed off to evaluation of the distribution deal, Tenacity is there to support its Film and TV Partners. Tenacity’s CEO Lloyd Bryan Adams is a graduate of McGeorge School of Law and holds his Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Law; Lloyd also holds a Masters degree in Business Management and teaches Business as an Adjunct Professor. Lloyd has continued his legal and business education via attending markets, seminars, lectures and certificate programs including UCLA’s prestigious extended studies program in Entertainment and Pepperdine University School of Law “The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution Program.” Tenacity’s General Counsel Jebb Dykstra (a member of the CA Bar) is foremost a successful businessman with a very successful Law Practice that focuses on Intellectual Property, Entertainment and the Technology sector. Jebb is also an Instructor teaching Intellectual Property at UCLA’s prestigious extended studies program. Combined Jebb and Lloyd have utilized their experience to build Tenacity into a recognized entertainment company with high ethical values. *Note Tenacity does not provide legal services; the services of legal, business and investor relations are only provided to projects whereby Tenacity is a partner.

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