Tenacity Entertainment has partnered with Ikonic Tonic to develop strategies comprising all of the tools in the brand marketing arsenal to ensure all mediums are properly incorporated into the brand architecture. Ikonic Tonic creates engagements whereby pertinent and compelling brand messaging informs, updates and improves the audience experience.

IkonicTonic offers a comprehensive suite of services to:

Retailers (specialty, chains, big box, banks)
CPG Brands (beverage, health&beauty, food, parts)
Corporate (HR, Policy, instructional)
Government/Civic (transportation system, inventory, instructional, PSAs)
Educational/Museum (inventory, instructional)
Transportation /Airlines (instructional, experiential, marketing)
Medical (instructional, marketing)
Hospitality (inventory, instructional, experiential, QSR, full-serve rest.)
Entertainment (inventory, instructional, experiential)
Advertising/Marketing Agencies

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