Tenacity’s executives are no strangers to distribution. Lloyd Bryan Adams, was formerly the COO for Extreme Group Ltd., where he ran the distribution companies efforts in the US, his acquisition efforts lead to the launch of The Extreme Sports Channel and Fuel TV and he has placed programming to TV channels world-wide. On the other side of the table Lloyd has acquired shows and films from producers for multiple channels including, Fuel, Outdoor Channel, Extreme Sports Channel, Ripe TV, Havoc TV and Rush HD. Regarding Film distribution, all of his films have received distribution and as a result his contacts in this space are equally as strong.

William Kelly, Managing Director (USA) for Multi Channels Asia and Board of Advisors for Tenacity is an expert in television programming and channel distribution. William Kelly has over two decades of experience in Asia, Europe and the U.S. as an entertainment media specialist and has a solid reputation for building and efficiently executing on TV network start ups and building strategic programming partnerships. He is responsible for launching several networks, including: CNN Int’l across Asia; CNBC Japan; Cartoon Network Japan; Television Korea 24 & ProElite. Kelly a native of Ireland, speaks Japanese and has held the following positions: Group COO, Stratus Media Group and ProElite Inc; Founder & COO Television Korea 24; COO International of Extreme Sports Channel; VP of CNBC Asia; President Turner Broadcasting Intl. Asia. Combined Lloyd and William have placed programming in over 80 countries and have frequently attended every major TV and Film market including, MIPCOM, MiPTV, Cannes, Banff Television Festival, MILIA, NAB, NATPE and American Film Market.

Tenacity is represented by The Gersh Agency, Spy Films (producer’s reps) and Level 33 Entertainment. This representation has allowed Tenacity to gain audience with all major US studios and TV channels thus allowing Tenacity to continue to get its TV shows and Films distributed. Let’s be honest, anyone can produce content, but getting it on air takes a solid team effort and our Team at Tenacity gets it done time after time. Every Film Tenacity has produced to date has had distribution and we plan to continue to build relationships that will benefit Tenacity and its partners.

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