Dawn Dais as head of Northern California Film Fund


Lloyd Bryan Adams
CEO Executive Producer, Tenacity Entertainment
Dawn Dais
Producer/Director, Next Week Productions
Los Angeles, CA: Tenacity Pictures, LLC appoints Dawn Dais as head of Northern California Film Fund, Co-Executive Producer and direct a slate of films.

Tenacity Pictures, LLC and its CEO Lloyd Bryan Adams, known for producing award-winning television and films, announced today that Dawn Dais, of Sacramento, CA has been tasked with the implementation of the company’s Northern California Film Fund (NCFF). NCFF was created to produce a slate of feature length films with release dates in 2012-2013, and beyond. The low-budget films, of varying genres, will be produced by Tenacity Pictures, in association with Dais’ Next Week Productions, with a majority of production taking place in Northern California. The films will benefit from the Los Angeles-based distribution and marketing arm of Tenacity and will continue Tenacity’s history of producing quality work that reaches a mass audience.
“After having worked with Dawn on our successful co-production of the comedy film THE LOT, we are thrilled to continue the relationship with this new slate of films,” says CEO of Tenacity, Lloyd Bryan Adams. “Her skillset as a writer, producer and director makes her a natural fit to head up the NCFF.”

A Sacramento native, Dais is excited to continue producing feature films in her hometown, “The short-term plans for The Northern California Film Fund will be to produce a slate of high-quality, low budget features with a focus of return on investment for Fund participants,” says Dawn. “Long-term we will be tapping into the area’s film talent to produce a regular stream of film and television content for various distribution channels.”

The first feature film to be produced by the NCFF, Collapse, will go into production this Spring, with a 2012 release date. THE LOT, a Dawn Dais film produced in association with Tenacity Pictures will be
available in stores on February 21, 2012.
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