It’s All Relative

October 1, 2010 – It’s All Relative

Lloyd Bryan Adams of Tenacity Pictures, LLC signs on to Produce “PIPE” with Cousin Cris Borgnine of Borgnine Entertainment. Aside from family ties, both Cris and Lloyd are avid surfers and outdoorsmen and both have a deep love for Hawaii with Lloyd’s Father Glenn Molander being a 35 year resident of Kauai and Cris having both lived in Hawaii as well one that has experienced Pipe furry and wonder firsthand. It was Cris’ true passion for the wave, the people of Hawaii and a desire to listen to the surfers and preserve their stories that drew me to this project, said Lloyd Bryan Molander /Adams. The Banzai Pipeline has taken the lives of more surfers than all other waves in the world combined. Yet, each year, thousands – from international superstars to up-and-coming hopefuls make the annual winter pilgrimage to Oahu’s North Shore to make or break their careers on this treacherous and deadly wave. Pipe is the World’s Most Infamous wave and our Film examines the monster wave from social, economic and historical viewpoints said Cris Borgnine. Veteran filmmaker Cris Borgnine weaves a tale of triumph and tragedy, featuring breathtaking hi- definition footage and an orchestral score complimented by popular licensed music from various genres. Cris’ wife Kim Borgnine is on as both Producer and writer; so not only is it a passion project is a family project. Look for Pipe at film festivals in early 2011.

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