TV’S Outdoor Channel Features Scouting

September 2008 – The BSA and Boys’ Life magazine have teamed up with the Outdoor Channel to produce “Scouting for Adventure — Presented by Boys’ Life.” An original, youth-oriented series, filmed at the BSA’s national high adventure bases and Scout camps across the United States, the cable show’s six episodes feature explorations of wilderness areas designed to depict Scouts in action.

“The Outdoor Channel offers BSA the ideal platform to introduce millions of homes to the exciting world of Scouting,” says Chief Scout Executive Robert Mazzuca. “By bringing our Boys’ Life to life, we aim to share the spirit of adventure that is the foundation of Scouting programs and encourage viewers to get out and experience the great outdoors.”

Cameras track Scouts as they tackle challenging outdoor activities such as coral-reef sailing and mountain trekking. How-to elements teach vital lessons on safety and team building. “I’m most proud that the shows incorporate many of the BSA’s core values that transform young Scouts into grounded, hard-working men,” says Lloyd Bryan Adams, executive producer at the Outdoor Channel. Adams also notes that everyone on the production team has been a Scout.

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