Executive Producer and VP of Production Lloyd Bryan Adams, Sr. Director of Programming Michael Dorsey – Havoc TV

Havoc Television is a VIDEO ON DEMAND television network. The video on demand interface allows users to select and watch video content in real time on their television screens at home. This technology allows viewers to watch “What they want, when they want it”.

Havoc TV prides itself in offering the best in the indie music genres of: Punk, Electronic, Hip Hop, Metal, Alternative and Reggae. You will not find any pop here! Further, Havoc offers the very best in core action sports genres: Surf, Skate, Snow, Moto/Bmx. We carry the very best in original programing and distributed content.

Havoc is currently broadcast in 52+ million homes and performs in the top 96% of all Video On Demand television channels. We pride ourselves in offering the best in each sport and music genre so as to keep you current in the sports and music scenes. Content on havoc is refreshed 100% monthly and 25% weekly in standard definition and high definition (where available). Using your TV remote you can watch our content at anytime along with pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding it just like a DVD.

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